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How It Works

ReturnTrucks is a truck and freight matching portal, simplifying and enhancing the task of exchanging information and helping firms in expanding their network to find business. As load owner, you can find trucks and trailers, which matches your transportation requirements in real time.

A load owner can log on to the portal and post their requirements for free. They can also search for the trucks and choose the best ones based on ratings.

Finding a transporter has become easy with our services. Your free post will attract a large number of audience and we guarantee competitive prices and that too at free of cost.

As a load owner, you need to register in our website to avail the services.

Registration follows 3 simple steps:

  • Filling up details in the form. Details like name, address, type of loads and some other basic information`s are required.
  • A valid form is submitted before the admin for approval and a verification link is being sent to the registered email address.
  • Verifying the email or the registered mobile number, registers a user in the system.

A registered customer needs to log on to the system to access the dashboard.

The dash board is divided into 3 parts:

  • My loads
  • My trucks
  • History

The "My Loads" section deals with loads. Clients can post their truck requirements mentioning their loads. Truck owners seeing such requirements can contact the load owners to complete transactions. The posting of requirement is free and will remain free for a customer. This section allows load owner to track the real time condition of the requirement posted. If the load is in transmission, details are also provided in this section.

The "My trucks" section deals with trucks which are accessed by the load owner. The load owner can rate a truck which is previously being accessed by him. He can also check when his favorite trucks are free. A load owner can also get details of all the trucks which are listed in the system. If the load requirement of a truck owner matches, the client can contact the said truck owner.

The "History" section deals in previous transactions. Clients can have a look at the successful freight deals done previously.

A truck owner can log on to the portal to check the latest load requirements. For the first two months, a truck owner can enjoy our services for free. Thereafter a nominal membership fee is required to enjoy the services.

Load owners post their requirement on the portal. As a truck owner, one can see such requirements and can contact the load owners.

As a truck owner, one needs to register in the website to avail services. The steps of registration are:

  • Filling up the registration form. Details like name, address, vehicle type, vehicle registration number and some other fundamental information`s are to be feed into the system.
  • Verification of email and mobile no.
  • Verification of papers related to drivers license, car´s registration etc. The verification is done physically wherein the truck owners need to sign an agreement concerning the driver´s safety.

An enlisted truck owner needs to log on to the system to enter the dashboard.

The dash board is partitioned into 3 parts:

  • My loads
  • My trucks
  • History

The "My Loads" segment manages loads. A customer has posted their load requirements here. As a truck owner, one can have a look at the requirements. If the requirements match, the truck owner can bid for the load.

The "My Truck" section deals with trucks. Registered truck owners can have a look at their ratings and the services provided. Further they can track the present status i.e. where the trucks currently located are and all relevant details.

The "History" segment serves a complete detail about the past transactions.

A registered truck owner can check the present requirements of registered clients. If a client has expressed his desire to book a particular truck, the same is conveyed to the truck owner to complete the transaction. Apart from that the truck owners can express their desire to any clients for the job.

Once the transaction is done, a tracking link gets activated. The link provides real time information about the truck, its present location etc all through GPS.

ReturnTrucks have designed the portal in such a way so that both the tuck and load owners found it handy to use. Looking at the portal one can understand at ease and hence there are no difficulties to access the system. In case of difficulties, customers are advised to contact the customer care for immediate solution.

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