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ReturnTrucks honored as 10 Most Promising Start-up in Indian Logistics.

Extremely pleased to share that ReturnTrucks honored as 10 Most Promising Start-up in Indian Logistics. We would like to thank my team and customers for supporting us all the way. Looking forward to keeping our customers delighted. Read more...


2018-09-14 09:25 am

Logistics and Supply Chain management.

Excited to announce our new collaboration with IIT, Kharagpur in Logistics and Supply Chain management. https://lnkd.in/f9fW6rc Read more...


2018-09-14 09:24 am

Apply for the internship through Internshala!!

We are hiring Business Development interns in hashtag#Hyderabad & hashtag#Chennai. Apply for the internship through Internshala!! https://lnkd.in/fyAQduh Read more...


2018-09-14 09:22 am

The US-returned techczar and now owning & manning ReturnTrucks from Hyderabad for the past two years

The US-returned techczar and now owning & manning ReturnTrucks from Hyderabad for the past two years, Sudhakar Vintha shares with Selvan Dasaraj (who is on a visit to Andhra Pradesh) Read more...


2017-05-03 06:03 am

First Bangladeshi cargo truck arrives in Delhi; customs calls it historic

The entry of Bangladesh’s cargo vehicles to India and our’s to their territory will help in saving of days and transaction cost. Read more...


2017-05-03 05:57 am

Amazon is secretly building an 'Uber for trucking' app, setting its sights on a massive $800 billion market

It's nice to see the big players getting serious about addressing the inefficiency problems in the logistics space which were highly unorganized and fragment. ReturnTrucks, Amazon, Uber Read more...


2017-05-03 05:54 am

How Brazil Did It While Others Are Still Struggling

If asked to describe what our startup Return Trucks does in the easiest way possible, I use the term —"Uber for Trucks". That pretty much explains what we do. Read more...


2017-05-03 05:33 am

Aggregator Model in India - Hot buzzword of 2016?

As 2015 draws to a close, it is a great time to reminisce the stupendous growth of the startup eco- system in India. No doubt that the eCommerce boom in India has been fuelled by the widespread penetration of technology including Internet and mobile across all regions of the country. Read more...


2017-05-03 05:14 am

Our GPS Journey and The Challenges for Penetration in India.

From the very beginning, we knew about the challenges in creating the marketplace for Trucks, and expected the time frame to be long. For one, we knew that we needed to do a lot of free transactions. Read more...


2017-05-03 05:12 am

Logistics Trends and Outlook: 2017

2016 has been an exciting year for the Indian logistics industry, from GST to startups, each development is enhancing the logistics industry to be more efficient and effective. Major shift coming from startups with new technologies and business models, close to 90 startups have been funded since 2014. Read more...


2017-05-03 05:11 am

Fleet Management System for every Trucker

In this blog post, I want to talk about the RT Fleet Management System (FMS), which we have developed by keeping small to midsized truck owners or transporters in mind.FMS is an ERP solution that has been designed specially to accommodate the full range of needs and requirements of a trucking company that has 5 to 500 trucks in its fleet. It is a cloud-based solution that has been designed particularly for the Indian market.Generally, most transporters or truckers in India cannot afford an ERP s Read more...


2017-01-10 13:08 pm

A simple observation led to Transport Unions with a digital solution

I have discussed my start-up, Return Trucks at length here, and talked about how we have gone about solving major problems in India as very traditional, and somewhat outdated transport sector with innovative technological solutions.In this post, I want to introduce one of our newest solutions, the RT-Transport Union, which was a direct result of a simple observation made by us while trying to resolve a seemingly intractable problem.If you are new to this blog, I suggest that you read some of the Read more...


2016-12-15 11:16 am

REST API - For better communication between companies

In the previous posts, I have been gradually introducing my startup, Return Trucks and the processes put in place by us to simplify transportation in India. This time, I want to talk about how we make it possible for companies to post their truck and load requirements through our open API interface.Okay, here we go. Companies can post their truck and load requirements through the open API or REST API interface at Return Trucks. A REST API is defined as a set of functions that developers can make Read more...


2016-12-15 11:15 am

Why Traditional ERP Not Paying Attention to This Logistics Problem

In my last few posts, I have elaborated on the challenges faced in the Indian transportation sector and how through our start-up, Return Trucks, we have tried to find solutions for them.Recently, we had a major corporate client complaining to us that their plant logistics manager spent all day trying to source trucks from transporters. The problem was that there was no visibility of the transaction for the corporate office. They had no way of telling whether the truckers were overcharging them b Read more...


2016-12-15 11:14 am

How My Frustrations Led to the Return Trucks Startup.

In my previous blog post, I talked about the importance of frustration and anger for entrepreneurs; or to be more specific, how the intensity of your anger decides how quickly you are able to solve a problem. Anger is borne out of frustration, which in turn arises from a feeling of helplessness over your inability to solve a problem.After all, business is fundamentally about fulfilling a need or solving a problem, and getting paid for it. My new startup, Return Trucks, is exactly that it fulfill Read more...


2016-12-15 11:13 am

Don't Chase for Opportunities, Solve your Frustrated Problems First

Many people tend to be weak when they are surrounded by numerous problems. Whenever they have problems, they would try forgetting the problem and instead take another opportunity that seems easy to do, instead of solving it first.When you chase opportunities, you are not prepared for all the possible problems that may come your way. In my own observation between solving your problem and chasing a big opportunity, I have found a pattern.When you are in the midst of facing your problem, the helple Read more...


2016-12-15 11:06 am

Delivering the goods

For the past two years, a smart Vizag-based startup has taken the load off the back of a number of Vizagites by making it very easy to get a truck to transport their goods. Return Trucks is an online platform that provides an interface to connect truck owners as well as load owners, for an effective, timely and economic engagement. Load owners and truck owners can post their requirements and availability, respectively, free of cost through the portal. The idea came up two years ago when h Read more...

2015-12-22 05:24 am

Is it even possible to organize the intercity truck industry in India via tech? ReturnTrucks thinks so

Sudhakar Vintha has a steep climb ahead of him. Just like many of the trucks on the highways of India. These freight trucks are a constant part of the landscape of this beautiful country. Often unnoticed, these trucks play a huge role in keeping the country functioning. And Sudhakar along with his team at ReturnTrucks wants to make these trucks more efficient. How? ReturnTrucks connects truck and load owners through a truck and load matching platform. Customers can post the truck availability a Read more...


2015-12-22 05:22 am

ReturnTrucks, wheels of the future

Humans cannot live in isolation. The concept of society and kinship was conceived by the thought that one needs the other's support for survival and society is an ideal platform for realizing the aspirations of one another. This basic thought has, over the centuries, surfaced in different fields and eventually resulted in the growth of society. This concept is still relevant and has led to a plethora of innovations over centuries. One such innovation is ReturnTrucks, launched by Sudhakar Vintha. Read more...


2015-12-22 05:21 am

Trucker's uber-cool idea

While working in Flipkart's last-mile logistics division in 2013, Aravind Sanka noticed a demand-supply mismatch for intra-city trucks. Strangely, many companies like Flipkart struggled to find trucks to ferry goods even as several vehicles idled barely a few hundred metres away. Sanka, along with friends Pavan Guntupalli and Rishikesh Ramanath, spoke to over 400 drivers and 100 small businesses to discover there were discrepancies not only in vehicle availability but also rates. Drivers charged Read more...


2015-12-22 05:09 am

Returntrucks is awarded Disruptive Transportation Connect Solutions at The 60th FM & CRE Connect Conference.

Returntrucks is awarded "Disruptive Transportation Connect Solutions" at The 60th FM & CRE Connect Conference by Facility Managers Worldwide as part of ' FM TECH AWARDS'. Thank you everyone for the encouragement #ReturnTrucks #Award #Hyderabad — at Golkonda Hotels & Resorts Read more...


2015-12-21 13:10 pm

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