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RT Assist

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RT Assist:

Return Trucks AssistRecord, and track your shipping procedures with RT Assist easily. Fully automatable and seamlessly compatible with Oracle / ERP, RT Assist will streamline your process saving you time and resources usually spent on manual over sight. With RT Assist you can know at a moment’s glance where each and every shipment is.

Business End:

Simply upload your daily inventory to the admin portal for all your already established transporters to view. Transporters will indicate interest in your loads, and you choose the transporter that best suits your needs.


  • End your search for truck documentation with RT Assist. Insurance, registration, and all other applicable documents will be transferred upon load assignment. Imagine no delays at the gate due to searching or verifying documentation. Now, it’s all made possible and easy.
  • If chosen, GPS tracking will also be activated upon load assignment so you will always know where your load is while it is on its way to the destination. Proof of delivery with multi-level authentication is available for each drop point.

Return Trucks Assist

Transporter Side:

View available loads and select which one you’d like to haul. Upon acceptance, assign a truck and all of your documentation is automatically transferred to the appropriate destination. Pick up and deliver your load. Ensure proof of delivery, and you’re done. Simple, fast, and effective.

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