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Container Management System (CMS)

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Return Trucks CMS

The RT- Container Management System [RT-CMS] is a Complete and Comprehensive Container Management System designed by Return Trucks specifically targeted at Owners, Freight Forwarders, and Shipping Companies to manage the freight. It allows for a more effective container optimization by bringing visibility and filling the current gaps in the system.

CMS is a user-friendly software system that delivers up-to-date information on containers, allows for an efficient utilization of employees and effective time management. It does so by enabling an efficient utilization of lay cans and free days, which can help reduce the cost of detention and demurrage.

RT-CMS has closely integrated with the NAVIS software for mapping container location details accurately and sending set-up alerts. The CMS provides various time-based reports to the management which allows them to make faster and better decisions using KPIs.The entire return container inventory as provided by RT-CMS is seamlessly linked to the Return Trucks platform.

RT-Container Management System Features:

Return Trucks CMS

The RT-Container Management System serves the entire container life cycle mechanism and maintenance and is distinguished by the following features:

  • Container Booking
  • Contract Management
  • Container Events
  • Container Inventory (Container yard)
  • Load Balancing for Containers
  • Container Matching
  • Container Demurrage, Detention and Other Port Charges
  • Container Global Visibility
  • Container Tracking
  • Container Profitability
  • Container Cost Allocation
  • Container Reports
Return Trucks CMS

Evolution of Container Management System [CMS]:

Container Management System [CMS] has evolved in recent years to provide a wide range of services with respect to container management in the logistic industry. It is especially relevant to the shipping industry. CMS provides effective solutions to various common and complex problems faced by marine shipping companies and freight forwarders.

CMS is primarily focused on providing a solution to the following challenges:

  • Purchase/Lease or management of Containers
  • Container Yard Management
  • Tracking of Containers at any given point of time
  • Container Visibility to customers/stakeholders
  • Container Matching which involves reducing the detention cost of containers to a large extent through a more optimal usage
  • Container Cost Allocation and related profitability based on the container
  • Container reports to evaluate business decisions
  • Empty Container movements
  • Repairs and Sale of containers
  • Insurance Claims for Containers and tracking of the claims
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