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RT Cooperate

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What Is RT-Cooperate?

RT CoorporateRT-Cooperate is a new solution developed by Return Trucks for large companies, to address the problem of mass movement of trucks going in one direction from one city to another, and returning empty. RT-Cooperate is based on a very sophisticated planning and scheduling algorithm and ERP system that pulls out the planners/schedulers from different companies, which makes sure that the return trucks don’t return empty.

The Problem

A high volume of trucks from a large company moves from one city to another on a continuous basis. Once the load has been delivered, getting a return load while moving back to the home city can be difficult, if not impossible. Picking a return load would allow the company to share the transportation cost with other companies. If the return load is not obtained in time, the trucks are forced to stay idle for days or return home empty. This could lead to a big financial loss for the company.

The Solution – RT-Cooperate

Return Trucks has built an intelligent, state-of-the-art planning and scheduling algorithm which takes into consideration the planner/scheduler of different companies and offers real-time suggestions on where the trucks of the company can pick up the return load after dropping their load at the destination.

This system, called RT-Cooperate, requires the companies to share their production planner or scheduler with Returns Trucks. This means, companies have to share information such as the number of trucks needed; the type of the load, whether it is a raw material or a production output.

Here’s How It Works…

The Flow:

Step 1: Company ‘X’ sends an FTL (Full Truck Load) of Steel from “City A” to Company ‘D’ in “City B.”

Step 2: The truck unloads the Steel at Company ‘D’ in “City B.”

Step 3: The Truck goes empty to Company “C” and loads Cement in “City B.”

Step 4: Company ‘C’ sends an FTL (Full Truck Load) of Cement from “City B” to Company ‘Y’ in “City A.”

This is win-win solution for both companies.

How does it help the Forward Journey Company?


# The initiating company will be able to save on:

  • Fuel cost.

  • Manpower cost (Cost of hiring the Truck Driver)

  • Vehicle Maintenance cost.

# The Turn Around Time (TAT) is greatly improved.

In the current scenario, the TAT is so long for company trucks waiting for the return load that most of them come empty since waiting for too long is not a feasible option. This not only adds to the logistics cost, but also increases the carbon footprint because of the amount of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere.

How does it help the Return Journey Company?

  • The return journey company will achieve significant logistics cost savings.

  • It won’t need to maintain a Fleet and Manpower, and hence will be able to achieve substantial cost savings on that.

Concerns That Some Companies May Have About RT-Cooperate:

Companies may have concerns about revealing the production output details to a third party. Such concerns are understandable, which is why Return Trucks prioritizes company confidentiality and data security and privacy above everything else.

The Return Trucks Assurance:

  • RT keeps all the data very secure and confidential.

  • RT requests minimal information about the production planning/calendar that is sufficient to find a return load.

  • RT only connects the companies that don’t fall in the same vertical and don’t compete.

  • RT passes minimal information to the Trucker about the Return Load.

  • RT enables ERP integration for secure data transmission.

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