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Live Tracking


The ETM system from ReturnTrucks comes with a highly advanced and user-friendly dashboard that tracks the vehicle status and the events that transpire during the commute. You will be presented with the data in real-time on a very simple and intuitive user-interface that is easy to work with and easy to understand. This allows for a fast and efficient tracking of the trip status, specifically, the Route Deviation – if any; and whether the vehicle has been Late, Idle or On Time. It also checks for status such as Boarded and Reached Final Destination.


Every client has specific dashboard needs and our methodology ensures we discover yours.that helps the Transport Monitoring executive to take an immediate best action according to the situation and thus contributing to the smooth flow of business without interruption.

Live Dashboard

Alerts are what matters the most and we take them very seriously. We put up all the live data which includes the emergency alerts along with the vehicle and employee’s exact location to everyone involved. Let it be from the authorities to the administration team, to nearby colleagues traveling in cabs, so that swift assistance can be delivered.

Trip Route

It's always good to track your updates and we ensure you to provide with the exact route taken by the Vehicle for the trip and also ensure that shipment was picked/dropped at the approved location.

Rostering  Routing


There are many issues with the transportation arranged by corporations in India. There is no proper organization of any sort. The vehicles are allotted through a manual routing process just a couple of hours or so before the trip by a supervisor. This is a very inefficient system. Besides being prone to errors, it costs a lot to maintain. The travel time is no great shakes either. Also, a number of vehicles end up being underutilized. ReturnTrucks has a solution for this. Our Routing algorithm automates the whole process of rostering and routing, and allocates vehicles most efficiently and optimally. It brings down the cost and the travel time and does improve the safety of the employees of the company.

Roster upload

We let employees have direct access to the self-rostering system or even the SPOC’s to make any edits to schedule. We provide Employee App too for easy access of rostering by the employees on the go.

Efficient utilization of cabs

One should admit that our Routing algorithm is quick and intelligent, Why? Because it takes inputs the number of available vehicles, seating capacity of each vehicle, pickup/drop time, the maximum time of travel, the distance between pickup points, and produces an accurate and optimum routing plan. The routing ensures the optimum mix of vehicle types leading to a maximum number of pickup/drops in a minimum number of trips. This results in the utmost utilization of available vehicles in the fleet. Isn't it intelligent?

Employee Safety

Employees are the strength of any organization and their safety is our priority. Complying with Nasscom, FICCI guidelines our Routing algorithm ensures that a woman employee is never the first pickup and the last drop, and periodic change of drivers is done to avoid familiarization.


Employee App

The Indian IT/ITES industry is huge – it employs over 10 million people and grows at around 9% every year. Organization transportation for all employees is one of the biggest challenges companies face, especially for night operations. There have been issues in the past related to the safety of employees working in IT/ITES companies related to the transport services at nighttime. Employee safety is of paramount importance to ReturnTrucks, which is why we provide all employees of the companies that use our services with a proprietary Employee App. Any employee if she feels under threat at any stage can use this app to raise an SOS alert through multiple modes. This app can be a lifesaver in desperate situations. Employees can also use this app to track the vehicle allotted to them before each pickup and drop, and view the specific Vehicle/Driver information along with photographs. This way they can be sure of boarding the correct cab allotted to them.

Available on Android

Android Apps

SOS Help

We are here to safe guard employees in the best possible way we could. Hence sending an SOS alert through the android app can be done discretely and quickly using pre-set gestures. SOS alerts are quickly sent to colleagues who live (or) commuting nearby so that help reaches the employee quickly. SOS alerts also activate a bridge that instantly connects the employee, admin and the driver.

Cab Arrival Alerts

The employee app offers the Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA) and real time vehicle tracking which was allocated to them, making it easy for employees to know where and when their cab will arrive.

Request Unscheduled Trips

Employees extending their work schedule can request for ad-hoc drops in a quick and easy manner.

Driver App

Driver App

ReturnTrucks provides cab drivers with a dedicated Driver App which allows for an efficient communication system between the driver and the admins. This can be so important in operations because vehicles are frequently changed throughout the day. Also, all the employee pickup and drop details are sent through the app, which allows companies to eliminate the paper trip sheet completely. Drivers can communicate with employees more efficiently by a direct call through the server, wherein the employee’s number is not visible to the driver. This is also very important from the employee safety perspective.

Available on Android

Android Apps

Employee Dashboard

We authenticate employees with their credentials for use of cab.

Trip details

The list of employees to be picked can be seen by the drivers along with the dropping point.


Directions are provided for the driver on the map to pickup/drop employees.

Billing & Reports


At ReturnTrucks, we are big proponents of Big Data and data analytics. We have highly sophisticated analytics tools and apps which provide the transport team and the management with concise, highly targeted and actionable information in a visual and report format. This eliminates the need to employ extra personnel for reconciling, collating and preparing reports.

Vendor Billing

ReturnTrucks just takes care of everything you need. We have comprehensive billing features.They can choose the type of service they need from a vendor and define billing rules according to the negotiated contract with a vendor.

Driver Performance Reports

We at ReturnTrucks evaluate everything like driver performance, punctuality, latency, driver behavior scoring, and fleet performance. These reports will allow you to evaluate overall operational efficiency for the driver.This helps you increase driver retention, safeguard your brand, and achieve greater customer service and profitability.

Employee On-Time Reports

With GPS tracking technology, the solution provides, real-time tracking, employee notification, and analytics to improve operational efficiency. The solution is aimed at improving employee satisfaction by reducing employee wait time for pick-up by providing the ability to locate and track their pick-up vehicle. Transport departments could also realize efficiencies by monitoring utilization, travel-times etc. and re-routing.

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