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Fleet Management System:

Fleet Management SystemIncrease your truckers’ productivity and profits with our Fleet Management System. This ERP solution is designed to accommodate small to medium company with 5 – 500 trucks to manage. Our cloud based system is customized specifically for the Indian market.

Transport Operations:

Our FMS is designed to be customized to your specific needs. Scalable and flexible this system allows you to digitize and automate your operations, creating an operational efficiency that minimizes lost time and expenses. In just a few taps on your screen you’ll be able to see and control your entire operations in real time.

  • Complete control from hiring point to the final proof of delivery.
  • Identify idle trucks.
  • Contact them in real time.
  • Have them return for loads.
  • Control operational expenses with acute oversight.
  • Control trip related expenses with management of everything including driver salary.

Fleet Operations:

With less time sitting idle, and more time transporting goods your revenue will increase dramatically.


  • Automatically update your fleet about new shipments.
  • Route management .
  • Fuel control management.
  • Receive real time data that will allow you to make quick, well informed decisions.
  • Reminders to update documentation such as registrations, insurances, etc..

Fleet Management System

Spares and Tyres:

Our FMS will allow you to have complete access and control over your order management.
  • Accident notification in real time.
  • Monitor batteries, parts, and tyres stock.
  • Regular maintenance notifications.
  • Automatic ordering when stock is low.
  • Automatic purchasing from the vendor with the lowest bid.

Finance and Accounts:

With very little data entry necessary, your accounts will be updated in real time. This will reduce the amount of paperwork that needs to be done, freeing up time to take over other tasks.
  • Prioritize contracts as they come in.
  • Contact idle truckers return to pick up what is available.
  • Receive instant proof of delivery.
  • Produce documents on demand that are needed for gate clearance, billing, and more.
  • Control indirect expenses with authorization only.
  • Billing documents are completely customizable.
  • Customer contracts are linked with every module though the process.
  • Fully integrated payment and receipt functions.
  • Pending list of tasks available with a tap on the screen.
  • Outstanding payment and delivery notifications.


As our FMS is already tracking your drivers and trucks, this information can be exported to accommodate payroll quickly and efficiently.
  • Reports on vehicle and driver performance.
  • Profitability by truck or trip.
  • On demand documentation.
  • Export information to third party services.


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