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RT Merchant

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RT Merchant is a mini ERP system that handles the requirements of Merchants such as Sales, Purchasing, Invoice, Shipping and Payments. It is integrated with Tally for bookkeeping and posting financial data.

Return Trucks Merchant


  1. It records all payments, purchases, invoices and payment alerts in a single interface for easy maintenance.
  2. It comes with a business email and chat option that allows for easy communication with customers.
  3. In the Shipping Module, a workflow has been created between the Merchants and the Truckers.
  4. The Merchant load requirement is sent to the transporter, where they can enter the truck availability and pricing as an input.
  5. All communications between the Merchant and the Transporter are done through SMS notifications and the Return Trucks Mobile App.
  6. The system is fully integrated with Tally for the posting of accounting and inventory vouchers.
  7. The mini ERP system is fully integrated with the Merchant, who can share their load requirements to Return Trucks and achieve savings on the shipping costs.
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