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Transportation Management System (TMS)

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Live Tracking


The TMS system from ReturnTrucks comes with a highly advanced and user-friendly dashboard that tracks the vehicle status and the events that transpire during the commute. You will be presented with the data in real-time on a very simple and intuitive user-interface that is easy to work with and easy to understand. This allows for a fast and efficient tracking of the trip status, specifically, the Route Deviation – if any; and whether the vehicle has been Late, Idle or On Time. It also checks for status such as Boarded and Reached Final Destination.


Every client has specific dashboard needs and our methodology ensures we discover yours.that helps the Transport Monitoring executive to take an immediate best action according to the situation and thus contributing to the smooth flow of business without interruption.

Live Dashboard

Alerts are what matters the most and we take them very seriously. We put up all the live data which includes the emergency alerts along with the vehicle and shipment's exact location to everything involved. Let it be from the authorities to the administration team, to nearby shipments traveling in vehicles, so that swift assistance can be delivered.

Trip Route

It's always good to track your updates and we ensure you to provide with the exact route taken by the Vehicle for the trip and also ensure that shipment was picked/dropped at the approved location.

Driver App

Driver App

ReturnTrucks provides truck drivers with a dedicated Driver App which allows for an efficient communication system between the driver and the admins. This can be so important in operations because vehicles are frequently changed throughout the month. Also, all the shipment pickup and drop details are sent through the app, which allows companies to eliminate the paper trip sheet completely. Drivers can communicate with load owners more efficiently by a direct call through the server.

Available on Android

Android Apps

Shipment Dashboard

We authenticate shipment owners with their credentials for use of truck.

Trip details

The list of shipments to be picked can be seen by the drivers along with the dropping point.


Directions are provided for the driver on the map to pickup/drop shipments.

Billing & Reports


At ReturnTrucks, we are big proponents of Big Data and data analytics. We have highly sophisticated analytics tools and apps which provide the transport team and the management with concise, highly targeted and actionable information in a visual and report format. This eliminates the need to employ extra personnel for reconciling, collating and preparing reports.

Vendor Billing

ReturnTrucks just takes care of everything you need. We have comprehensive billing features.They can choose the type of service they need from a vendor and define billing rules according to the negotiated contract with a vendor.

Driver Performance Reports

We at ReturnTrucks evaluate everything like driver performance, punctuality, latency, driver behavior scoring, and fleet performance. These reports will allow you to evaluate overall operational efficiency for the driver.This helps you increase driver retention, safeguard your brand, and achieve greater customer service and profitability.

Shipment On-Time Reports

With GPS tracking technology, the solution provides, real-time tracking, shipment notification, and analytics to improve operational efficiency. The solution is aimed at improving load owner satisfaction by reducing shipment wait time for pick-up by providing the ability to locate and track their pick-up vehicle. Transport departments could also realize efficiencies by monitoring utilization, travel-times etc. and re-routing.

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