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RT-Transport Union

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RT-Transport Union:

Save time and money for your truckers as well as your union with our Transportation Management System designed specifically for trucking unions. Expedite your truckers with our fully automated system that makes management simple and efficient.
This is what our software can do for you:


  • Automate your entire process with our Transportation Management System instead of manually writing everything, every time.
  • From the user friendly dash board of our Transportation Management System you’ll be able to know how many trucks you have available, how many customers are looking for trucks, and more in one single glance.
  • Maintain and verify customer data as well as all of the necessary documents needed for your truckers and trucks such as registration and insurance.
  • Manage all of your truckers from at once from your desk.
  • Keep track of Income, Expense, and other financial reports.

Return Trucks Transport Uinon


Receive the mobile app companion to the Transportation Management System online platform.
  • View, or text for your queue number quickly and efficiently.
  • Insurance, registration, and other documents will be validated and available any time.
  • Find and verify customer information quickly and easily with a few taps on your mobile device.
  • Proof of delivery will be processed efficiently and quickly, as will your financial reports.
  • Activity reports are also available.

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