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RT Fixed Price

All the shipping charges are fixed based on the Truck Type.There are no need for negotiations on the pricing, save time and energy.

# City To City Out Skirts To Out Skirts Out Skirts To City
# Source Destination 10 Tyre 12 Tyre 10 Tyre 12 Tyre 10 Tyre 12 Tyre Approximate Distance
1 Hyderabad Chennai 0 KM
2 Vijayawada Chennai 0 KM
3 Vijayawada Bangalore 0 KM
4 Vijayawada Hyderabad 0 KM
5 Chennai Vijayawada 0 KM
6 Chennai Bangalore 0 KM
7 Chennai Hyderabad 0 KM
8 Bangalore Hyderabad 0 KM
9 Bangalore Chennai 0 KM
10 Bangalore Vijayawada 0 KM
11 Hyderabad Vijayawada 0 KM
12 Hyderabad Bangalore 0 KM
Note : More than 24 hours halting – Rs. 2400 per dayorder
The Problem

Prices of truck shipments vary every day for different customers, although most of the factors remain the same, whether it’s toll fees, fuel costs or the available inventory. This creates a high degree of uncertainty, making it impossible for customers to predict how much they would be required to pay before actually making the order for a truck shipment. The price can vary widely from one day to another and from one truck to another.

The Solution

RT Fixed Price is the solution to such pricing problems in the road transportation sector. Return Trucks collects the current market price from every available source and arrives at an optimal price, or a reasonable one, for both the Trucker (Truck Owner) and the Customer (Load Owner).

RT Fixed Price solves a fundamental problem in India’s road transportation and logistics industry – the inability to arrive at a consistent price for all customers.

The company identifies a set of truckers who agree to this fixed price, based on the truck size. When a customer or a load owner makes a request for a truck, their requirement is then communicated to the pre-approved list of truckers available with Return Trucks. The truckers will be given 30 minutes to indicate their interest in serving the load.

The load owner or customer is then provided with a list of truckers who show interest in serving their load. They can then go through the truckers’ ratings and customer reviews and select a trucker that meets their requirements.

The payment is made in full to Return Trucks and held in an escrow account. Return Trucks releases 50 percent of the payment immediately to the Trucker, and sends the remaining 50 percent after the delivery has been made and the proof of delivery has been sent. RT Merchant has been launched as a pilot program between Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. It will eventually be extended to the rest of India.

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